Weak Chick ! Don't know whats wrong! :(

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8 Years
Apr 11, 2011
(I re-posted this from raising chick.) Okay well I have this 2 week old chick. Shes (assuming she is a 'she') smaller than the other 2 chicks by a lot! She eats less and drinks less too! Just yesterday when I saw some poop on her butt, I went to get paper to clean it. While cleaning I accidentally knocked the place the umbilical cord was it bleed a little, but than this yellow stuff started pouring. I panicked! I tried to stop it, eventually it stopped and now it seems just like before. I'm worried! What should I do and should I put her separate from the other chicks too? I worried and don't know what to do! hit Thanks!
My first guess would be she has an infected umbilicus. An infection could explain why she won't eat or drink well, lethargy, and would explain the yellow gunk you got flowing out of it. Get some antibiotics from the feed store for her.
Thank You!

but anyone knows where I can get antibiotics and what kind?

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