Weak chick, probably not gonna make it. :(

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    The short story of it is we got a few chicks yesterday at TSC. All are doing great, except one. She was the smallest out of all of them. She was wobbly and weak. I got her warmed up and she seemed to be doing better, but didn't want anything to do with food or water. I hand fed her water with electrolytes from a measuring spoon and tried giving her some yogurt. No interest in either. I just got back from town and gave her some Poly vi sol. I put some in a measuring spoon and dipped her beak in it several times. She wasn't a big fan, but I kept dipping. I then added a little water to the spoon and dipped her a few more times. She was getting annoyed, so I decided to let her rest a bit.

    Is there anything else I can do to help her? I don't think she's sick. I just think she was a 'runt'... and probably got chased off the food at TSC and then got to the point where she doesn't want any. I know she probably won't make it, but I won't feel good unless I know I've done everything I can to help her along.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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    You are doing the proper things for her by keeping her warm, offering fluids with electrolytes and vitamins. You don't need polyvisol if your electrolytes contain vitamins already. Make sure that her vent is clean and not pasted over with poo. Drop some chick crumbles around her feet on a paper towel to try to get her interested in eating. Shipping stress can cause some chicks to be too weak to survive. Really push the fluids.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    She is quite annoyed with me. I'm trying not to pester her too much, so she can rest and doesn't get too stressed. But I know I need to be giving her water as much as possible too. So I've decided about once an hour. This last time all she did when I dipped her beak in was shake her head... I just wish I could convince her to DRINK... she's not even tipping her head back like she's drinking.. just moving her beak back and forth.

    Her vent is clean, so that is good... but I feel like that's minimal compared to what's going on.

    Any additional suggestions?

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