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Jan 20, 2021
I posted earlier about my newly hatched chick that wasn’t walking well. He’s been hatched for about 12 hours and is still laying around. He stands up and then lays right back down. He is having trouble holding his head up. I have also noticed that he is shaking his head almost like he had water in his nose. He keeps his eyes shut as well. Does anyone know what might be going on with my little one? Anything I can do for him?


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Nov 13, 2020
Upstate New York
In my second hatch I had a chick like this. She had other things wrong with her but she was the least active out of the six that hatched. She hatched with three boys so she had to be separated because she always got picked on. But I gave her a small amount of sugar water, after no improvement the next day, and some vitamin E. That perked her up. She was born with wry neck and splayed legs so she didn’t make it.

But try giving your little one some sugar water when he’s all dry and ready to come out of the incubator. Is he cheeping at all? I know mine don’t move around a lot in the incubator but when I take them out they run around all over. They still make noise when in the incubator though.

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