Weak chick


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
I've hatched 10 babies (still waiting on number 11 that won't come out of shell...another post), but the last one that hatched is a little weak. He/She is fine as long as they are upright...I know some are a little slow to walk good...kinda scoot around & stand at times. But, the problem is when it happens to get on it's back/side, it can't always get back up on it's own. I have seen it eat a tiny bit & I put it's beak in the water to show it how to drink. What else can I do? I've heard sugar water can boosts their energy somewhat. Is that something I should try? How much sugar/water ratio? I've also read something about scrambled eggs? Is that an option? Thanks in advance!
I like to leave the chicks that seem weaker in the incubator just an extra night. I believe with the yolk sac, they can stay in there at least 24 hours......And I just keep the room dimly lit so that they rest...

Just a suggestion,
I have a week chick too. It was the last egg to hatch but when hatching the other chick hobbled over and pecked at its little blood artery and lost like two big drops of blood. I put it on its back and put a wet q-tip on the hole till it closed up on its own which it did, but, this chick is week. The other chicks little wing feathers are to growing but his are not. Like yours, it falls on its back and can't get up on its own and developing a little slower. The chick sleeps more than the others, is really clumbsy and less active. The chick is coming along though just growing slower than the rest.

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