Weak chick


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6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
McAllister, MT
We hatched a set of d'Uccle chicks on Sunday. One chick is smaller and not as strong as the others. I have been keeping her separated from the others so that they don't peck her. She has been gradually getting stronger and I will put her in with the rest when I can observe her and take her out if they get picking on her too much or if she seems to be getting tired. Today she has been peeping more and doesn't seem as strong as she was yesterday. She doesn't seem to eat much but does drink some. The other chicks seem to be eating very frequently and have full craws most of the time. I have never seen her look full. I am assuming that the yolk is about used up and the fact that she isn't eating much is tapping into her energy. Also her stool is mostly clear and very liquidy unlike the other chicks. Any thoughts before she gets too far gone?

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