Weak chick


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Northwest Arkansas
I have a 6 Cochin chicks 3 days old and the runt is not very active. Eyes are closed a lot of the time. It will walk to the others and chirp. I've given sugar water and also have water with electrolytes and probiotics available. Anything else I can do to try and get him to make it or am I fighting " failure to thrive?"
Darth: I'd hustle to the feed store and pick up some "poultry Nutri-Drench". It's a vitamin supplement that goes directly to the blood stream. If you can get a drop or 2 into this chick, you may be able to save it. I'd treat it 2 x / day for at least 4 days, or until it's acting normal. You can put the nutri-drench in the water so they all get a boost.
Yep I'd already done a drop. It gave up its fight about 15 minutes ago. It happens. Failure to thrive is what it had. 5 others going strong and eating and drinking.

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