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    Mar 11, 2013
    If you read my postings yesterday, you can see that I assisted a chick hatch, partially. I saw blood and stopped. I wrapped her and her shell in a warm wet cloth and left her in the incubator, today she was more active, pushing on the shell and chirping, so I opened the bator and wet her eyes with a q tip and she opened them momentarily. I then did the membrane test to see if she had absorbed the blood vessels, which she has! Great news! She has a tiny bit of yolk left on the bottom, so I left that part of the shell attached. She is currently laying in the bator on a warm washcloth. She peeps and moves a little, but can't get around by herself. I'm hoping being in the bator will start to fluff her up. I was reading online about electrolytes, I'm out of regular sugar, so I used molasses. I used about a tbsp to a few cups of water. I got some on a q tip and got a little in her mouth. Is this sufficient? What else can I do? Is there any other electrolyte products I should try? Seems to me she just needs a boost, and she will be ready to be with the others in the brooder! I'm praying she survives! Thanks!!
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    Apr 24, 2014
    Whenever I get chicks in the mail that are weak I use diluted Gatorade. It has electrolytes and sugar. Always helped me!

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