Weak chicken is still itching after treatment with poltry dust - did I use to little??? Please respo

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    Oct 28, 2012
    I am still dealing with Duck, the weak chiken with the balance issue. I got her to eat a little better. I found out that she really likes spaghetti. So I grind up chicken pellets and mix it in with a tiny bit of yogurt and cat food. And I feed her little pieces of apple and greens. That is pretty much what she eats.

    I dusted her with poltry dust the other day (after I had tried DE). She is still itching.

    Does anybody know how much to actually put on the chicken???

    The container says 1 lb is for 100 chicken. So how does one measure how much to use for 1 chicken, and a weak on at that???

    Thanks for any advise
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    Oct 14, 2010
    Jurupa Valley, CA

    Need WAAY more information to help you.
    Does she have bugs on her???
    How old is she?
    When was the onset of the balance issues?
    When did she stop eating?
    What is going on with your hen IN DETAIL.....
  3. Huehnerei

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    Oct 28, 2012
    In answer to your questions:

    I never saw a n y bugs on her (or on the other two). About 2 1/2 weeks ago I noticed that she was grooming an awful lot. So I caught her and checked her all over. Could not find a thing. But I did notice that she was kind of light - so I hand fed her a few kernels here and there (she is also the last in the pecking order). She is about 6 1/2 month old. Never started laying. Her sisters have been laying for about 3 weeks now steadily - 1 egg a day. Duck on the other had had always had more of a longer shape - not like the others. Her waddles and comb are about 1/2 the size of the other 2.

    Any way I kept an eye on her and noticed that she kept itching and itching and that she was also sometimes kind of stumbling - as if she was loosing her balance (Her legs were never paralyzed) so I picked her up and put her in the house in a dog crate. (she seemed to have lost more weight). In the crate she did eat some of her food (I fed her layer first but then gave her some more grower - because of the calcium). She was very picky though- she would not take the food from the dish, only peck it up from the floor - so I put it on the floor.
    About 6 days ago she didn't want to eat her chicken food anymore. So I got on BYC and tried to find out what to do. She wont eat oatmeal, or scrambled/chopped egg or cat food. She is very picky about getting her beak dirty. As soon as there is a little bit on it, she has to wipe it. She does not like any mush. She would take some bread - so I put some cat food on it and fed it to her. And I put a little bit on leafy greens and gave her those. Then she didn't want the bread anymore. So I took one members advise and mixed some egg yolk and yogurt and feed it to her in a syringe. She eat it from the syringe, but didn't like it mixed with a bit of chicken feed (to messy for her taste). With the yogurt/yolk mix (however much I got into her) she got a little stronger again. Than I remembered that they like noodles. So I cut up small whole grain spaghetti and mixed them with warmed up egg/cat food/and crushed up layer pellets. She eats those. and I cut her up some apple and I bring her a handful of greens. This has been her diet for the last 3 days. I know she should eat more nutritious food - but this is what I can get into her.
    In fact the last 2 days she has been up in the morning standing at the gate - waiting for her noodles.

    Her poop appears to be normal. Solid round, brown with a little bit of white. However, the last couple days i noticed that there were a few grain kernels in it. So I am not sure if she is eating enough grit. She sure isn't eating any when I am trying to feed her some.
    She is drinking water, she seems very alert otherwise (complaining when she hears the dogs walking in the house) and want's to come out of her cage.

    After I initially put her in the house I got a reply from a BYC member saying that she probably has mites and I can just not see them.
    I inspected her thorougly, head to toe, under one of those magnifying lights but still could not see anything. However, I went to the feed store and got some DE and dusted her all over - as well as the other 2 and the coup.
    After a few days Duck was still itching, so I got back on BYC and somebody said that DE was not strong enough, I needed to poltry dust her. So I went and got her poltry dust. I dusted her 4 days ago. And she is still itching.
    I wasn't really sure how much of the poultry dust I should put on her. The container said 1 lb is for 100 chicken. I didn't want to kill her by poisoning her so I used maybe 1/8 cup and put it on her vent area, under the wings, on her back, by her hackles, on her thighs and on the spot where the tail starts. Those are the areas she mostly scratches. She acts like a dog with fleas. I swear.

    But I don't know what else to do - did I put too little on her, Should I dust her again and if yes how often ?

    I don't think the whole thing is from a virus or infection - she was never hunkered down, however she sometimes had her tail down, and she is still alive after 2 weeks. So what do I do?

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