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    Nov 28, 2008
    Hi everyone,

    One of my chickens isn't eating anything I give her, and I think because of this she is too weak to walk. At the moment I am force feeding her bread.
    Does anyone know if chickens lose their appetite? I felt her gut and it feels like there are tiny grains of sand in it. She is still cackling away but just too weak to walk or stand.
    Any ideas what might be wrong?
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    Yes, chickens get sick and they stop eating and sometimes drinking. Does this chicken have a cold?

    Not to sure what to advise you without knowing more. Tell you what I have experienced. I have walked by my coupes and hear Ah choo....
    I move the sneezing bird to a new location to heal. I give them antibiotics along with feed. Just before by chicken dies, I notice several things. A strange smell about them. The appear lighter in weight. And all the time I gave them antibiots to help them. Now, I have read that sometimes antibiotics in water does no good cause they don't drink or don't drink as much as they should. So, I need to learn to give my birds a shot of antibiotics when they are sick.

    That thing you are feeling, there is the anatomy of a chicken on this posting to refer to, but I think that is the chickens ?crawl? Anyway, not the stomach but a place sand and oyster shells go.

    There are others on here who can further advise you. You will see several postings. Good luck with your bird.

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