Weak hen with watery poop


8 Years
Sep 6, 2011
My hen has been lethargic lately she is in the process of molting. Her poop is watery and does not seem to have much of an appetite. I also noticed she seems to be weak every once in a while she trips falls, and lays on her side.The other 3 chickens seem fine. What could be wrong?
I did separate her. All 4 are molting but I don't think this is her problem. I am currently giving her worm medicine but her poop is still very runny.
Her vent is a mess with caked on poop. We clean it off .She still is not eating or drinking much. She is inside so she can not run much but still seems to lack energy.
My hen is doing the same thing! She went through a cycle of similar behavior last month, near the beginning of her molt. I separated her, put on a heat lamp, and offered her food and water often, which she didn't want. She kept falling asleep. I took her to a vet, who examined her and found nothing wrong. We did two fecal samples and found nothing. I found some lice and treated her for it. After maybe a week?, she started to act a little more normal. Shortly after she was back in the coop. She was acting completely normal for a month, and it just started again. No appetite. Her poop is all white and runny. Her crop feels mushy. She keeps a tail low stance and often has her feathers fluffed up. When I get her out of her crate, she moves around slowly, but she still seems coordinated.

I hope you get some answers, because I too am at a loss for what is happening with her, despite spending hours and hours reading this site.
What I think that you guys need is an antibiotic called tetracycline. It's a very broad antibiotic, and I think that fiatmom's hen might have a vent gleet. My hen had one and she sounds just like your hens. The molt may be giving her stress, and that's what causes vent gleets. So, what you need to do is get tetracycline, isolate your hen, stir the tetracycline in some water until it is a nice yellow, and keep your hen on that for about four days, then back it off and see how she's doing. Usually feed stores have the tetracycline. Hope that helps!! :)

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