Weak legged hen

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9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
Milaca, MN
I have a Jumbo Cornish hen about 12 weeks old, I have 20 others like her. A few weeks ago she was having a hard time standing up, now she has such weak legs she can't get up. I was placing food and water in front of her and she was eating real good. One day she got herself into the coop I think by flapping her wings and my helper was not sure which hen she was so she missed food and water for 2 or three days I am guessing.

When I got to the farm last week she had hurt her wing and took a one or two inch hunk of skin off her body some how. I used BluKott on the wounds and sprayed a bandaid protector over that. I now have her in a plastic dog cage with food and water so she can't hurt herself again. My farmer neighbor, who raises these same birds for Golden Plump, told me he has that kind of thing happen to some of those chichens often and he just puts them down.

When I pick her up and try to have her push onmy hand her legs are very very weak.

I had one last year like this only not as bad that finally got better and is still getting around, how be it he walks and runs funny. Do you think there is anything I can do beyond what I am doing. Thanks Wes
People may say that the meat birds are prone to this due to weight.. But I had 2 that died with this problem. I gave 5 different classes of antibiotic (yes, a fortune) over a 4 month period for coccidiosis issues. I don't know if it stemmed from the respiratory problem leaving them prone to the neurologic (??) weakness problem.

No luck with mine. I had bought 4 from a backyard fellow.. and all 4 died.. I didn't find any answer with hours of research online. I don't know what to suggest for your hen.

Though you could try getting her on a diet if "jumbo" also means fat. They have leg problems, and usually are quickly eaten.

Best wishes!!!
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