Weak legs - is it a symptom?

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    I have had my 8 girls for a year and a half and so far have not experienced any illnesses or injuries to speak of(short of pecking). Need the advice from you experts as whether or not you think my girl is injured or if this is a common symptom of some ailment.

    My hens have a spacious coop and a very large fenced in area to roam during the day. I did have a pecking problem for awhile but have pretty much conquered it through the use of chicken aprons. One of my RIRs is my last girl to still be wearing the apron - still growing feathers and still getting pecked on the shoulders. In the past week or so she has been acting lame. She crouches alot and when she does stand up to her full height seems a little wobbly and pigeon-toed, crossing one foot over the other when she walks.

    I have felt her over and everything feels fine. She seems thinner than the others but she also has less feathers.

    She is eating fine although she is being timid around the others and keeping her distance.

    It is cold and raw here this week. If I fashioned a way to isolate her I'm afraid she would get cold.

    I appreciate your opinions and advice.

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    She sounds as though she has let herself get weakened and needs a chance to recoup. If possible, bring her in out of the cold. Dropper in a dose of Poly-Vi-Sol once a day for three to four days. Offer protein rich foods and treats and see if you can get her energy level back up. If she starts to show other signs and symptoms get back on here and let us know what they are.

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