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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mooSa, May 10, 2009.

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    Apr 18, 2009
    Ok, I have a new born baby chick and is weak, she stays under her mom for warmth, but shes not too strong when she moves. Is this normal when they are first born?

    And How are chicks born, i have about 70 eggs being incubated by 5 moms, and i want to see them come out.

    Does the mom move off of the egg when the chick is trying to break out?
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    Do a search through the incubating and haching section. There are several descriptions of the whole process there.

    A very brief and incomplete description. They peck a small hole in the egg shell. They rest. They break the shell so they can get out. They are all wet when they get out. They dry off and gain energy. This process can take a day or more.

    The hen does not leave the nest when they are hatching. Some will hatch a long time before the others. Mama needs to stay on the nest to take care of them and keep the eggs and newly hatched chicks warm. The hen will raise up on the nest a little to give the chicks room to hatch, but you will not be able to see under her. I understand your desire to see the process, but the best thing is to leave the hen alone and let her do her job. If you disturb her, she may wind up accidently harming one of the babies. You can hear the chicks chirping and after one hatches, it may stick its head out from under mama where you can see it, but the hen should not let the chick go far.
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    The only way you are going to see them come out safely is through a window in an incubator.

    Let nature's incubator do it's thing UNDISTURBED... if you disturb the hen to look under her, you may compromise the hatch for the rest of the chicks.
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    Yes, you have to let her do whats right! She will not get off and it's crucial that the heat and humidity from mama is right for all of them. Your little chick that seems weak is completely normal. They will stay under her all the time the first couple of days and the first day they will seem very sleepy and worn out. Enjoy them when they start poppin' their little heads out from under her! Nothing sweeter than watching a mama and her babies! [​IMG]

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