Weaker and weaker... please help.

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Hello everyone. I have the cutest little chicken and I am watching her deteriorate before my very eyes. She is only about 2.5 months old and is an Auracana. She has been know to nap since we have had her, but has always bounced up quickly and has been totally normal. She is very chill and let's you handler her without a fuss. Over the past few days, I noticed what appeared to be a limp. I inspected her several times, doing a full body check, and nothing appears to be wrong. The only thing I did notice was that she has a few mites, so I dusted her with DE.

    A few more days passed and I noticed that she was getting wobblier and wobblier. Her naps are more frequent, but she still ate and drank like a champ. Worried, I combed through hours of posts in search of a cure. At the end of it, I ascertained that she must need a wormer or mite meds. So, without having Ivermectin and wanting to treat her immediately, I gave her some Seramectin. I researched that it would be fine of course first.

    Today, she seems worse still. She still manages to get up to eat, but her poop is 100% water and she can barely stand. We have had several days over 100 degrees, but she normally handles the heat better than the rest of the pack. I have added electrolytes to the water, keeping it fresh, and it has vitamins in it. Everything has been dusted, she has medication on her, and I have even gone so far as to bring ice packs out and have her lay on them. I tried bringing her inside, but she freaked out and kept calling for the others. Fearing the stress might do her in, I let her out again.

    What gives? I am very worried I will lose her. PLEASE HELP!
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    Aug 2, 2011
    I am unsure, hopefully someone can give you better advise [​IMG] it sounds silly but maybe her digestive track is clogged? or worms..?
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    Sevin dust does a much better job at killing mites and lice than DE. I haven't had much luck with DE for killing them. I unfortunately bought a roo this past fall and didn't notice he was completely covered in lice. I dusted with Sevin dust (same stuff as in the garden center) and it killed every louse on him. I redusted about a week later in case any more hatched out but I didn't see any so it really does work.

    If she has a heavy load of worms you should worm with wazine first before using a broader spectrum wormer to prevent shock.

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