Weakness and emaciation with eye turbidity, what disease can it be?


Nov 26, 2018
Hello dear friends,

My chicks are suddenly all sick, weakness and emaciation with eye turbidity, what disease can it be?

Two little chickens were dead this morning. What can I do?

Many many thanks

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Oh dear. Poor babies; I’m so sorry. First and foremost, they need fresh air. Can you let them outside? How do they smell? They may have pus in their eyes.

How do they smell? I’m wondering about infectious coryza here. Respiratory issues are not my strength, but I’m starting to pay closer attention to be better prepared for my flock.
It smells quite normal, it's just a couple in a big room. They do not cough and do not make any other symptoms than those described above. They lose weight and become weak and die after about a week.
In coryza, the eyes will be clearly swollen and secretion comes from the nose. Here is just a clouding of the cornea and emaciation. In addition, this does not improve on antibiotics (such as ciprofloxacin or doxycycline and tylosin).
Sorry for your loss. What type of bedding are you using? How is the air circulation in their room, and do you have plenty of ventilation? Ammonia odor from droppings can affect the eyes as well as the respiratory system. A respiratory disease such as mycoplasma (MG) can cause sticky drainage, eye bubbles, or pus to form from a sinus infection. Are you located in the US? Each state has a state poultry vet who can perform a necropsy on a body that is kept refrigerated, not frozen, and that would be the best way to get a diagnosis. That way if antibiotics could help, it would be worthwhile. Many diseases are contagious and can make carriers of the remaining flock. Have you added any new birds recently? Here is a list of state vets:
The overnight ground is made of concrete, during the day they run over sand. The ventilation is normal and the air smells quite normal. I suspect it is an infection because the animals have been infected one by one with the same symptoms. What do you suspect, what illness could it be?

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