Weasel Attack!!


7 Years
Jul 2, 2012
P.E.I, Canada
A few weeks ago, I gave my cousin a few of ducklings. They were pretty big and were very pretty. He kept them in the barn and today was the second time he let them out into the stream. Later in the evening, he got home to find one duckling in the barn with a gash on his neck. He is alive, but needs help. The other two were found down stream with cuts in their neck with blood flowing. He thinks it is a weasel, and I think so too. What can he do about helping the duck? How can he trap the weasel? We were talking about a box trap and then killing it. Please help, because his duck may die!
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Here are two forms of trap set ups that will help protect your poultry from the twin threats of weasels and their aquatic first cousins mink.
Again these sets are species specific and there will be little or no by catch with these setups.


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