Weather proofing for Ark/A-frame coops ?


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Oct 3, 2010

I did have a search but couldn't find too much specific.

I am in the process of choosing a design for a backyard coop for three chickens. (Some confusion over dimensions led me to believe an ark was out of the question, but someone set me right.) I was planning to build a big rectangular thing with a large flat felt covered roof (already have the board & felt). But am now thinking an ark might be more convenient.

My main concern is how to stop water getting in?

The pictures of ark coops I have seen, show wooden slats as the angled wall/roof. I dont understand how this prevents water seeping through gaps during heavy rain?

Im also wondering about suitable materials to use for the peak of the roof, to make that part watertight too. Any ideas?
This was mine under construction:

I used metal flashing to cover the point at the top.


There is a little bit of water seepage where the hatch panels are hinged, in VERY heavy rains. But it seeps inside and then dribbles on the underside of that panel out to the edge, thankfully.


I cut Plexiglas panels larger than the window openings, and the hardware cloth over the windows holds the Plexiglas quite tightly to the wood around the opening. Again, some minor dribble which runs down the underside of the slanted wall, not drips onto the bedding. (One end of the hardware cloth is not stapled so I can pull the Plexiglas panel out for ventilation the rest of the year.

Hope that's a little bit helpful.
It has been helpful thanks.

The gaps where doors hinge and the roof peak are a concern. Ill keep working on some ideas.

I like the "fresh eggs" sign!

Can I ask how large the upper sleeping section is? (especially the height) and how many birds live in it?
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I think you'd be better off building something else. Those arks don't have much space above and because of the design, it's dark and not enough ventilation.

I was considering buying one from a BYC member that builds and sells just north of me, but I'm in the Pacific NW were my birds like to go in their coops during the day for naps, laying, or broody and I wanted them to have more light, ventilation, and to stay dry.

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