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    well, i think i'm not misplaced this thread since this is random ramblings (i don't even know what's the meaning of ramblings [​IMG] ) pardon my bad english.

    okay, go straight to the point. if anyone know or ever use web hosting service or buy a domain, can you tell me which site sell cheap domain and low cost web hosting but with good enough quality?

    recently i bought a domain and a web hosting packet from local company in my country, i think it's good to love your country's product, but not the quality, i'm disappointed, the server was too slow and i'm getting pain when i tried to change file permission and other setting of server. as information, this is one of the best web hosting provider in my country. [​IMG] well, as a power outages country i can't expect much of this country product.

    gladly, i've tried using a free hosting located abroad i guess US) that hosting company was great and fast with great huge bandwidth and space, i think i'm mad, free and fast, yes but that's true. well, i'm just afraid of this web hosting won't free anymore in the future and i'll have pain since i can't easily phone the customer support since the phone bill will be WOW. cause i experience once a good free hosting suddenly must paid with all my file still in that server.

    okay, so, anyone have information about it? better not using credit card to pay since i don't have any. paypal? nope, i have an account with no money, it's cost high to transfer money from my country to paypal. [​IMG]

    i'm doomed.

    thank you so much. [​IMG]

    edited to add: i've search through search engine, but i think it's better to ask the native / *indigenous* / local resident (dunno which is true) since they should know better than me that live thousand kilometer away.
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  2. rebelcowboysnb

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    I use http://www.dyndns.com/ for taking care of the domain name stuff. There are cheeper ones but I like them. As for web hosting, I wont be much hep. I host my own website here at home from my home PC. It make my website load a little slower than others but its alot cheeper for me.
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    Mar 3, 2008
  4. mulia24

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    thank you so much for your information, i'll try to look for more detail. [​IMG]
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    Jul 22, 2008
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    I have a couple sites on GoogleSites... Borborygmosity and SkiMECCA

    It's a service setup for simple pages. You get 100MB of storage, but if you use Flickr or some other photo hosting service (like I do), you shouldn't fill it up. All editing is (usually) done online. Sites are a bit simple, but easy to do.

    You can also spend $10 a year to get your own URL (like I do), and personalized e-mail (I think I have a dozen or so eddresses for MECCA club members). Otherwise, the free ones are like http://sites.google.com/site/bokkenka/.

    I also have a work website, domained and hosted through GoDaddy... Iron County Forest. That one is coded on my computer than loaded up to the server through FTP, though you are able to edit pages online through the control panel. GoDaddy starts out at $4-5 per month, with 10GB storage.
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    May 27, 2009
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    thank you so much for the information. i really appreciated it, i'll save it for further consideration. i'm just a little bit shocked by $9/month hosting, that's too expensive to our country standard. never mind, i really thanked you. [​IMG]
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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I used Godaddy.com for the domain. It was $20 for two years (plus email).
  9. Prettiest Frog

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    Dec 21, 2009

    Best customer service of all the ones I've found so far, unlimited storage, and will install a lot of web2.0 software for you
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    thank you, i just wondering why so many local hosting here use server located in US, it will terrifically slow down our connection to the server when we want to edit the site or upload the site, maybe they get it cheap when use server in US so while sell to use with *standard* price they gain much than usual when selling hosting service using IIX . [​IMG]

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