Website.... Want your imput!!!

You may want to put the breeds of ducks, be they pure or mixed. Add some pictures of your breeding stock. Don't use stock photos or ones you find on the web. If you would like some more tips PM me. My husband designs sites and I have picked up pointers from him.
What's up with the weights? And can you get rid of the heading (burchess poultry store) on that left bar and maybe move it up above everything? It doesn't really fit where it's at

Sorry if I'm being too critical, I'm a web designer so I'm nitpicky.
Yep, is a pain.

The very best advice I can give is to get a domain and hosting where you can install wordpress - there are thousands of free themes, sure to be one that will appeal to you. That makes the site so easy to update, etc. There are also all kinds of widgets/plugins to add in, again, all free. Many people think wordpress is just a blogging software, but it is indeed a content management system, which means that you (the "client") can update your pages, which are static (just like a regular website) but can also have a news section (the blog itself).

This is an example of a custom wordpress theme I did for a riding group I'm in, so you can see how it doesn't really look like a blog, but more like a standard website: ... there are plenty of free themes out there that do the same thing, so could really work well for your business. If you find a theme that you like, but don't like that the blog page shows up first, you can easily change that in your wordpress control panel (user friendly).

There is also a shopping cart plugin for wordpress ( I have never used the sc plugin myself, but I'm sure it's great, have heard lots of good things about it.

I recommend 1&1 hosting, I have an affiliate ID but I'm too lazy to go look it up, so oh well. Their starting packing is about $48/year, really a great deal for the features and service. I love them, and recommend them to any and all of my clients.

If you need help installing wordpress, just let me know
I'm a bit too busy at the moment to do a custom theme for anyone, but I can help you upload everything onto your domain for free just to get you started.
I made my website using Webs. I still havent bought a domain but I changed the picture at the top of the page to a picture of my ducks, I'm sure you can change the weight pic. Also, it says you can't have a favicon, the little icon in the address bar next to the site url, unless you buy a domain, but mine showed up?

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