Weed Killer that is safe around Horses and Chickens


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Feb 21, 2012
Near Monroe, North Carolina
Hi, I am posting this question for my mom... My horses and chickens/ducks live on her property and she has certain areas around the fence and home that she needs to get rid of weeds.. One spot is in between the stepping stones of her sidewalk, the other is around the fence line of the horse pasture. Ordinarily I would say not to kill the weeds at all around the pasture but the horses are reaching over and through the fence to get to the "greener" grass on the other side and are threatening the integrity of the fence.

She would like to start the process of killing the weeds soon, before they get too high in the summer warmth. If there are any natural weed killers that are easy to make in large quantities... please let me know.


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Mar 19, 2013
We use Pasture Pro for the horse pasture. It will not kill any type of grass and the horses can be on it with not delay. There is a disclaimer on it, not to have nursing foals on until it is dry. It will take a rain after that for the weeds to die. We have stinging nettle BAD, and this with mowing it alot, keeps it in check.


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Mar 31, 2013
White vinegar is great for many weeds on a reasonably small scale. It often takes a number of applications before the plant dies -- new leaves will keep coming up for a while. I'm interested in the question of an herbicde that is safe around chickens because I have large scale problems with invasive plants: sumac and English ivy. The sumac is a big problem because clones are popping up where the new run is supposed to go. The recommended treatment is to cut the stems and paint them with Garlon 4, which does not look livestock friendly. Anyone with experience safely eradicating this stuff?

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