Week and a half old chick with bloody poop


In the Brooder
Jan 3, 2016
So I have noticed that my week and a half old chick has blood in her poop it's not every time she poops but it's happened 3 times now we had her on Pine shavings for a while but I wanted to make sure she didn't have any bloody poop because I noticed a red shaving so we moved her to paper towels she does poop normal but every once in awhile it will be covered with blood I am giving her medicated chick feed she is all by herself except for one of our chickens who is in the chicken Hospital because of a broken leg but that one has been treated for coccidiosis could it be coccidiosis or can they even get it that young any information will help
Would I need to treat the chicken with a broken leg she has been treated for coccidiosis once so is she immune to it or does she need it again

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