Week old Chicks and Ducks


5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
The are living happy so far in the large trough but will they be able to share the same coop permanently? Current hen house is 12x12 with 8 nesting boxes and a large fenced area to move about. Thanks Liz:)
They should be fine. We had about a half an acre, about 60 hens, and 10 ducks. They all slept in the same coop. We had perching branches in our coop (you can see in my avatar) for our hens, then in the bottom of the coop we made a huge over sized nesting box for the ducks to sleep in so they wouldn't get pooped on. Some of the ducks also liked to perch, it depends. Just make sure you address both of their specific diet needs and housing needs. (Chickens need a more draft-free house, ducks need niacin, ducks also need to be able to dip their heads in water to clean sinuses, ect). But you should be good!
If your not having issues with water messes at brooding age (Where its the roughest with them mixed) they should be fine. As long as a good male/female ratio is kept. Males will try to breed the other fowl if their are not enough suitable mates around. And my male ducks have always been more possessive of their girls than the chickens.
A few years in a row we had chickens ducks and guineas all in the same housing without any issues. Down to chickens and ducks this year. All free range just shared the housing at night. Ducks and guineas did prefer to lay outside the coop. Or (Ducks) bury their nest in bedding on the floor. They will move and hide a nest every time you collect from them if they can. And guineas are the best nest hiders ever.
Thank you for the info, I was worried with the ducks being larger than hens that they may pick on them.
After pecking order is established I doubt anyone of them will have issues. Unless a few dominate birds fall from grace somehow and then they'll sort things out again. My ducks (Females) have always seemed to just ignore the chickens, Males will cause problems if they are confined without room to roam or lack of females of breeding age. Roosters/drakes WILL attempt to breed out of species if they lack suitable mates. Females seem a lot more controlled.

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