Week old chicks


Feb 16, 2018
Central Florida
Here are my week old chicks. They are growing so fast.

The oldest is a black silkie (aka boots because he has a broken toe and we had boots on him) .


The next oldest born half a day later is black silkie cross I think (silkie x Mille fleur d’uccle). I’m not sure because some of the feathers on its feet look kinda silkie looking. Has a pretty little head.


The next one hatched in my daughters hand. ❤️ Silkie x Mille fleur d’uccle . I wasn’t sure at first if this was a cross but the first feathers are making me think that it is.

My 4th chick looks like another cross of d'uccle x silkie .

My last baby is hard to take photos of because he stays close to mom. The tips of his new feathers make me think he is also a pure silkie. It’s hard to tell from this photo.

So my Mille Fluer snuck a few more eggs under my silkie cotton than I originally thought. That’s probably why she want to come in and hang out with the babies.

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