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May 17, 2017
I have chicks that are around a week or two old.. one of them is limping on leg and he/she can move the leg and stretch it out but it seems awfully painful for her/him and I am not sure exactly what to do.

This is my first time raising chicks so I don't really know exactly what to do other than inspect him/her and I didn't notice anything broken and he/she can still move her leg and does limp on it..

Could it just be a sprain or a pulled muscle? I see no signs or foot-rot or anything, nice clean feet.
Leg injuries occasionally happen. They usually are better within a week. Since yours are Cornish crosses they can sometimes have leg troubles from rapid growth. Make sure your chick feed is fresh, old feed loses vitamin content and can cause growth problems. I haven't raised Cornish so I'm unsure how common leg problems are and how young they show up.
Growing pains eh? That would make sense, these guys are indeed little fatty-patty's and are completely outgrowing our australorps and americaunas and they are the same age.

I guess I can try doing the 12/12 feeding for the cornish's as recommended because of their growth spurt and guess it's time to seperate them out...

Any other comments is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I also don't like these metal slot feeders, I think that it's possible he/she got her foot caught in it or something, they like to jump all around on it and I don't like it. I think tomorrow I am going to get a plastic bowl-shaped/auto-feeder thing, like our water dish..
I never came back to give an update. We found that particular chicken just had a wobbly foot of sorts. He turned out fine and got up to about 6-8 lbs before we butchered him.

I must say, Cornish Cross are excellent meat yielders and taste phenomenal. Very moist and soft meat. Yum!

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