Weekend flock?? 🤷


Jun 26, 2021
I was wondering if I were to take part of mine and my boyfriend's flock home with me (we ended up with too many roosters) and they traveled with me back and forth (no one to care for them at my place but me) would everyone remember each other? Remember their pecking order?
Side note,
Our silver laced wyandotte went all the way to the bedroom making noise (other 6 stayed put in their bed by the door) was she actually looking for me (I've been gone 48hrs) ?
Do they actually miss me when I leave? They all run From me.
Thanks for reading my early morning thoughts.


Fluffiest In The Flock
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Dec 4, 2020
They might remember each other, but they would still need to restore their pecking order every time they get put together. Doing that would most likely cause them stress. Chickens like to find their flock and stick with them. Chickens do not like changes.

It is possible she was looking for you. She might have also just gotten lost or wandered up to the window out of curiosity.

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