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    Dec 18, 2007
    I am offering all the eggs my girls lay this coming Saturday and Sunday. To be shipped first thing Monday morning. Total cost $50 including shipping.

    Eggs will include pure Welsummers, WelsummerXEE, Silver Appleyard Ducks and Coturnix Quail.

    I have 15 Welsummers who are laying.

    I have 2 EE in with Welsummer roos. I average 12 eggs a week from these 2 girls!

    I have 3 Silver Appleyard hens to 1 drake.

    Coturnix are seperated by color. I have a quads of the following, chocolates, TexasA&M, Tuxedo and the plain "wild brown" color.

    I will guarantee you will get a good variety and at least 3 silver appleyard eggs. If for any reason they don't lay well over the weekend I will include all eggs laid Monday morning.

    First to post SOLD and paypal to [email protected]
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