Weird behavior today?

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5 Years
Nov 24, 2016
Central Texas
Were anyone elses chickens absolutely insane today? I have three separate flocks right now and all three of them were going nuts all day. They were so out of control that I was afraid to leave them when I had to go into town today. It was like they were all having extreme panic attacks all day, desperately charging at the fencing to get out. They didn't stop until they fell asleep. I saw no evidence of predators or anything out of the ordinary. It's like they just went mad today. Only thing I can think of is something to do with the moon or some other such nonsense.
My chickens were all fine today. The only thing that was different was that four of my hens layed today and one new one layed her first egg today. But I didn't have anything weird going on today. Perhaps you could let us know how they are tomorrow. I'm kinda curious.
Predators are stealthy. I bet they saw something you didn't.
That could be, but all day? And also, my trusty copper head hunting cat is real good at alerting me to animals and he didn't seem to notice anything. It wasn't just the going crazy that was odd. They were extremely needy today. Like they were begging for my attention all day. I went in and took a squat and even the ones that don't like me came up to me. Drove me nuts all day because they had everything they needed and I saw no problems at all.
No. But ya know what I'm like 40 miles from a spacex r&d facility and they have been testing something big. I didn't hear anything today but maybe thats it.
Perhaps they heard something? Or even felt something that you couldn't? I know that I used to have a rooster that could tell that I was running without even seeing me.
How interesting! Whatever it was, I'm sure it was real! I've had hawk sightings spook my chickens out for a good 20min, but never an all-day event like you experienced.

I was once trail riding on my horse and she absolutely refused to go up and over a dirt mound. I finally gave up and rode around the mound a different way. When we got to the other side, I saw the mound was actually a giant pile of dirt that had been dug out of a pit on the other side. If she hadn't sensed it, we both would have fallen into the deep pit, and it would have been ugly. These animals are pretty smart!
I'm 15 miles from the SpaceX test site in Hewitt, TX and their big rockets shake my windows. As rumbly as it can get, my chickens don't seem to notice.

I also have a shooting range in my back pasture and the birds have gotten used to the sounds of shooting. Maybe they ignore SpaceX because they've become used to the sound of Winchester.

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