Weird Black abscess on feet


Feb 21, 2022
I’m sorry that I don’t have better pictures, trying to hold my chicken and take a picture of her feet at the same time was interesting 😅. So all our chickens legs and feet look great except Betty, she’s got these weird black things where it looks like the skin broke open and black is coming out (maybe dirt got in there)? I got this spray from the feed store after talking to our really knowledgeable store owner (she’s helped us with all our animal questions and she’s really knowledgeable and pretty much always right on the money… but she isn’t a chicken owner so I wanted to follow up here). I just started spraying her feet with this spray yesterday, so I know I need to give it time to work… if it’s even good to use for chickens? It says all animals and has a bird (parrot though) on the front. My question would be can anyone tell me what it is? All the pictures that come up when I try to google it doesn’t show anything like this. And two should I try to get the black stuff off/out, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to try to break it open/off. Thanks for any advice! In case extra info helps: we have 6 chickens, they are about 5-6 months old, they’ve been laying eggs for about 4 weeks now. They stay in their chicken coop and run area, we do not free range due to a lot of chicken hawks and feral cats around here. But I do have a little run we move around for them also and they get a few hours a day in that, they are on regular chicken scratch which I supplement with fresh fruit, some nuts and oats for a small treat. They’re run has hay down in it and it’s been raining a ton lately here in FL so it’s been very muddy in their coop because they keep trying to cool off by throwing the hay in piles to get to the cooler dirt. It’s been raining sideways a lot and soaking their dirt/hay. So I’m guessing she got a cut and you dirt in them? But I don’t know how she would have gotten cut? Thanks again for any advice!


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Could it be bumblefoot? I would soak in a warm epsom salt bath and try to gently pull off the scabs or dirt. I would also try to keep her in a dry clean area if possible. If when you pull off the scabs or dirt and there is a wound underneath that is open I would wrap her feet with neosporin gauze and vet wrap. Bumble foot is a staph infection that can happen to any sort of poke or scratch your bird might get. I have used that spray on my birds before for various injuries and it has been fine.

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