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Feb 22, 2016
Lately my chickens have been acting a little weird and I don't know why. They run around their coop aggreviated and flapping their wings a lot and clucking. Are they supposed to be acting this way, or is there something wrong?
More information is needed, they could be broody, or they could need more exercise. To me it sounds like you have a couple of broody hens.
Everyone is new at some point, so no laughing from me. A broody hen wants to sit and hatch eggs. It's a hormonal phase. They puff up, cluck repeatedly, screech when you try to remove them from the nest and are a bit obnoxious. They also stop laying eggs.
A broody hen is one getting ready to hatch (or brood) chicks.

I can't say I've noticed mine flapping their wings and running around when broody though, for me I know they are because they spend all day in the nesting box and growl under their breaths when I try and move them.

It's hard to guess the reason without knowing a bit more about your flock.

How old are they?

How many are there?

How big is your run for them?

i did wonder if it's a young flock and maybe you've got a rooster or two trying for top spot.
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Good questions posted by younger birds run around flapping their wings all the time, older ones do it too but less frequently.
I think it's like us stretching our arms out.

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