Weird chicken behavior?


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7 Years
May 21, 2012
Well i have 2 Old english game bantams. The hen always seems to want to come inside my house even when their is a nice house for them outside in my backyard... Even the rooster scratches my screen door to come inside! I don't know why they peck and scratch at the door to go inside were their is nothing for them their, but their house outside has food and water and even some things for them to play with! Sometimes when i open the door to come outside and watch them they scramble inbetween my feet to get inside. Especially my hen who once got through me to my house then quickly started running out to the rooster. I don't know if its because its cool in my house or they just wanna explore something new... And it only happens when im near the door its weird. Got any answers to make them stop this?
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My two do the same thing, love coming inside. I figured perhaps they see the rest of us as a continuation of their flock, and they want to be with the bigger 'chickens'.

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