WEIRD chickens what do i do ??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by lovechickens180, Sep 16, 2012.

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    i got my first too chickens as a present in the flea market and i mixed their genders up so it was a surprise when my "girl" started to sing and grow her mohak ( i dont know the term). I think my boy is one of those fighting chickens cause he can be very mean! Helena (the girl) is weird whenever rogelio (the boy) comes too close to her she moves away even though they were raised toguether and she seems to be afraid and does not want to loose her virginity because whenever a rooster (i have 2) want to mount her she screeches and shakes him off. (weird chicken two). Then the others (about 3 more chickens) lay eggs but they dont want to have kids, whats wrong with them? is there a way to make them want to have kids? one had kids but only one was ever born and ended up dying two days later (we had called him nemo [​IMG])
    now she looks somehow older and skinnier, is there a way to help her? i want baby chicks![​IMG]
    anybody have any advice? oh i read here that some people have stuck some eggs on the bottom of a chicken so they could hatch, does that work for all chickens? is there certain factors that need to be followed so she'll sit there because i dont think i can make her just sit her without her wanting to
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    Umm, I think the "mohak" you refer to is the chicken's comb? Roosters can seem very aggressive and some of them are, but chicken sex is not for the faint hearted. It's looks a bit rough, especially when the hen is not keen. Your girl's behaviour sounds quite normal to me.
    What do you mean by your chicken looks "older and skinnier"?
    If you want your hens to go broody and hatch eggs you can try and tempt them by leaving fake eggs or their own eggs in the nest boxes for them. But mark the eggs with a pencil or a sharpie, so you can tell which are fresh eggs and which are bait eggs. Some hens go broody often and will hatch batch after batch, some never do. Some breeds are crazy broody, like Silkies, and some are not very broody at all.
    What we mean by sticking eggs under chickens is we place eggs under a broody hen that is sitting. Put away the glue LOL When a hen goes broody she'll sit on eggs and will only get up now and then to eat and drink. You don't have to do anything, except make sure no other hens lay in her nest and that she has food and water available when she gets up.

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