Weird Clusters around front neck feathers


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6 Years
Feb 3, 2013
"Victoria" has been in a dog crate for about a week and a half recovering from a leg injury. I noticed today that she had these weird clusters on her front neck feathers. They aren't on the back, only on the front. Any thoughts as to what these are? I am going to go and try to wash them off gently with a washcloth. Any suggestions would be great.


I would look very closely for mites or lice. Sevin dust would treat that. Then after you give her a shampoo. note if crusts are left. Then I would suspect a fungal infection. Did she sleep with her neck extended lying in something on the litter in the crate? If you do think it is a fungus after cleaning her, be sure and wash your hands well, and try some Lotrimin cream on it. Please get back to us in case it is something else.

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