Weird color/bad color


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
So what’s the deal with this little guy is it really a d'uccle and if it is…is it a different color then most you see or just a poor colored rooster. He’s two months old will his color improve or is there no way to tell yet. Thanks all.

Don't dispair. Mine are about 7 weeks old and just started to develope beards and muffs.

It could be a d'Uccle or like ve said it could be a booted bantam. Either way on the coloring they look very similar to the mille duccle males that I had. Flecks and spot come in a couple of months.

He is a very pretty bird. Stick with it and he will reward you with a that mille fleur pattern.
Some Mille Fluer D'uccles are late bloomers (mine took 5-6 months to finally get spots). However the fact that he is missing his muff makes me almost positive that it is not a D'uccle.

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