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    hello ive gotta ? the other day i found a funny looking egg in the nesting box but it wasnt a normal hard shelled egg it was a soft shelled rubbery egg its not the 1st egg like that that ive got from time to time i get an egg like that what causes eggs to come out like this is it normal ?
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    That would be a shell-less egg. The rubbery membrane is intact though, and you can still eat them. If you ever noticed, when you peel an egg, that there is a membrane under the shell. Well, the shell just didn't form over the membrane.

    This happens alot with newly laying hens, and it's nothing to worry about. I would make sure your chickens are getting a good layer feed, and maybe some crushed oyster shell for extra calcium.
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    ohhhhh ok i figured it was a unformed egg that wasnt fully made inside the chicken i ddidnt eat it but now i guess there ok to eat R U sure its safe to eat them funny formed water baloon looking eggs [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I don't eat them because I worry about bacteria getting in. I usually "crack" them over the dry dog food and am rewarded with much wagging of tails. [​IMG]

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