Weird eggs, then no eggs, then months of squatting, sitting and singing - still no eggs!


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Jan 29, 2014
Hawaii's Big Island
I have 18 birds on one acre which I bought from a friend of mine. She's a trusted friend, so I believe her when she says they are 1 year old. One is a sweet little Ameraucana. When I got her a few months ago, she laid the prettiest color blue eggs, but they looked odd. They were thin-shelled with rough bumps all over one end. Some came out with no shell at all. I made sure to add more calcium and all of that but it didn't help. The other girls were laying just fine. After a while, the Ameraucana (Cucumber) stopped laying altogether. She squats and squats all of the time. She goes into the nest box and sits for hours. Then she comes out and sings the egg song. This has gone on once a day, every day for at least four months now. I look and there are never any eggs. She's not laying anywhere else. There is no evidence at all that she might be eating them.

Should I worry at this point? Is this normal? Or is something going on I haven't learned about yet?

She doesn't seem stressed and all of the birds seem to get along pretty well. Their food is kept full and they are free-range. No rooster. She's not sick in any way and the other birds are all healthy. Ideas? I'm not sure if she's molting or how long that takes but all of my other girls are laying just fine. I haven't been seeing her feathers anywhere.


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Apr 12, 2011
I observe the same with my flock too. It is no wonder that the farmers don't keep their layers more than one laying cycle.

I have seen different changes even among the same breed. So, as long as they are healthy, I usually just let nature run the course.

But if the purpose of the flock is eggs... time to change out.

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