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    Why am I getting eggs like this from my rir the rest of my girls lay straight brown it feels like dried paint on the rough not smooth[​IMG]
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    Yep. Calcium deposits. Do I understand correctly these eggs pictured are all from a single hen?

    If so, has this been occurring for very long or is it just the last three days?

    Usually, when this happens to a long string of eggs, it's indication of a hen getting a little too much calcium. If you have been feeding treats high in calcium in addition to layer feed and oyster shell, perhaps you need to stop the extra calcium in the treats.

    But as long as this hen is laying regularly, there's little danger to her kidneys from too much calcium. Her body should adjust, especially if she's relatively new to laying. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm betting her eggs will revert to smooth by next week.
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    She could be getting too much calcium....
    ....or she could be processing calcium differently internally,
    in any one of her internal organs or in the shell gland itself.
    I have a bird that always lays eggs with calcium deposit bumps on the outside.

    When all birds are on the same diet and one bird lays consistently 'funky' eggs,
    I write it off as an anomaly of that one birds physiology.

    Could also be a new layer glitch...can take up to a month or so for the 'egg machine' to be fully tuned in.

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