Weird guinea toes, what is it?


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Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
One of my girls has been limping a couple weeks. She has still been getting around ok and I couldn't find any injury. Two days ago it got worse. She has only left the yard once, and I think because she was mad at me. I use pine shavings for bedding so I made her a bed of straw on the floor of the coop since she couldn't get up in the roosts. She is eating and drinking and pooping just fine. She is still grouchy as normal. I tried to hand feed her millet as a treat and she hisses at me and raises her feathers. Yesterday I grabbed her and checked her feet out again. There is no injury that I can see but her toes look strange. They have bulbs on the end. I thought maybe mites but never found any. Has anyone seen this before or have any idea what is going on?



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11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
Opelousas, Louisiana
How is it looking these days? Did you wash her feet and trying dusting her with Sevin dust? I don't guess she has bumble foot or bumble "toe"? What does the bottom look like? Can you take a pic of that and post?

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