weird looking egg? two eggs laid at once?

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    i have no clue what section to post this in. since its about an egg i figured this was the best section. usually i collect my eggs about half way threw the day. today i didn't get the chance until i went to put the chickens to bed. when collected the eggs one of the eggs looked funny. almost as if the yolk had seeped out of a hole in the shell only it was on top of the egg not on the bottom. i have no clue what happen. it was white and had a little pocket almost that had a clear fluid in it. i peeled it off and threw it in the trash. i know better than to feed this egg to humans so ill crack it tomorrow and feed it to the dogs. but when i cleaned the egg it almost looked like it had cracks threw out it but it was just darker coloring of the egg and not actual cracks. i still have the egg only its cleaned. I'm just confused. it wasn't the chickens uterus was it? I'm pretty sure it was our naked neck chicken that laid it because its short and almost round. was it possible she tried to lay two at once or what? I'm just worried that shes sick or something. can anyone ease my mind?

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