Weird looking pupil.

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    Hey so I have a question about my black copper maran. It's not acting sick at all. But she's got some problem with her eyes. I noticed this a while ago. I'm hoping it's not mericks. The pupil is not a perfect circle. It's like the black color has bled to the bottom of her eye. Or maybe it's just brown at the bottom. Either way it doesn't look normal. Anyone ever had a chicken with similar eyes? She's 6 weeks and it's on both eyes so I know it's not an injury. [​IMG][/IMG][​IMG]
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    @Eggcessive ? Hopefully someone will recognize this.

    Does she seem like she is having trouble seeing?

    It's possible it could be Marek's, she is a little young for symptoms to develop, but it's not unheard of. There can be many causes of eye discoloration. If she were mine, I would keep watch on her to see if she starts to act like she's having trouble seeing or shows any sign of illness - lethargy, going off feed, limping/lameness, paralysis, etc.

    Here's more some pics of Marek's eyes and more information on the disease:

    Marek's Eyes:'s_Disease (pictures 15-18 show eyes)


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