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    You humans have no common sense. On my planet we do not cross chickens with other chickens! We cross Seramas(not REALLY a chicken, actually a EXTRA large semi-flightless finch) with Jersey Giants....... but continue reading, while you are distracted, I will mount the INVASION of your planet....MWUAHAHAHAHA.

    (HAHAHA, I'm not ACTUALLY SERIOUS about the alien invasion part or the "No common sense" parts. But I am a Extra-terrestrial being. Oh yeah....I'm out of this world....hahahaha.....but seriously,)

    Crossing a Serama and Jersey Giant would make a normal sized chicken(and be AWSOME) do you think they created standard breeds?


    Who agrees with me?
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    OK now, you know your medication won't work if you don't take it! Now go and take your medication like a good human...[​IMG]
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    You would prolly get a bird on the smallish side, depending on the strain of Jersey Giant.
    What I want to know is why there are Jersey Giant bantams???!!! Doesn't that just beat the point?
    Standard breeds? as in the size? They just bred the larger/smaller ones for what they preferred, then were excited to see the new colors popping up when they inbred, and the rest is history.

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