Weird noise coming from my hen


Jul 16, 2020
We have a brahma pullet, she’s just over 3months old, and a few days ago she started making this very strange croaking noise. she sounds like a duck.

Despite brahmas being listed as a quiet chicken breed, Bunny (the hen) has never shut up ever since we got her as a chick. it was never anything related to her mood or needs, she was just constantly chirping wherever she went.

a few days ago, we think her and her 2 brothers’ voices ‘dropped’ like actual teenagers, they started crowing and she started making this croaky duck like noise alongside her usual chirps.

she’s otherwise completely healthy, acting normal, and so is the rest of the flock. nothing within their care changed, but we still aren’t completely sure what’s happening with her as we’ve never had this before!

we’ve raised our fair few hens but this strange noise is nothing we’ve encountered before. we doubt it’s anything serious, but any wisdom on the situation would be gladly accepted! we’re kinda puzzled 😅


here is a youtube link to hear what we mean, it’s filmed outside in the dark so you can’t see her, but you can hear the noise clearly. her voice sounds so bad it sounds like we’re strangling her 😅 we were just holding her normally and recording it.

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