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    Jan 18, 2008
    So lately (this week) I've noticed that one of my chickens has kind of weird poop but for a little while I've sort of thought all their poop was weird, more on that in a second.

    This particular chickens poop is like yellow/gold/brown liquid. The first time I noticed it appeared to be all liquid then I saw it maybe once more and thought it was gone. Today I saw it again but this time it was a normal poop with a little bit of the liquid running down 2 sides.

    The other chickens, one just has MASSIVE poops.

    And as chicks sometimes they'd get runny poop but I attributed that to too many worms (the Orpingtons always ate a ton)

    They were getting a ton of cracked corn and BOSS for a while but haven't been getting any lately. Well, still some BOSS or corn to get them to follow me. So I guess I didn't truly stop. A ton to me is started as one handful of each and turned to several handfuls. They also get a lot of bread.

    They have only free ranged less than 10 times and all spread out, though in recent weeks they went out 2 or 3 times.

    They were on Agway medicated chick starter/grower until just under 8 weeks when they ran out then were on the unmedicated version until a couple days before 16 weeks. All crumbles. I then switched them to Nutrena i think country feeds layer pellets but they didn't really like it was told it was too early so switched them back after maybe 2 weeks plus or minus a few days. Now they are Nutrena Nature Wise Chick Starter/Grower crumbles with free choice grit and oyster shell which they didn't have before. They are now 19 weeks I think. And during the time when they refused to eat the food (eventually the did start eating but still switched) they were getting a lot more corn and BOSS.

    They are a little past overdue for a full coop cleaning and never cleaned the run but I did recently add more shavings to both, a deep layer. I also have been adding DE whenever it's wet or I notice weird poop and whenever I fully clean the coop.

    None of them are acting at all sick and are just as active, obnoxious, and healthy seeming as ever. I can't catch most of them to check their feet but by glancing they all seem fine and their butts are all clean.

    Perhaps the issue is too many treats???

    Maybe I need to TOTALLY stop the treats and free ranging and do extra coop and run cleanings for a while????

    There are 8 of them. 1 Barred Rock, 2 Black Australorps, 3 Buff Orpingtons, and 2 Easter Eggers. And like I mentioned they turned 19 weeks today at least I think, go off and on with keeping track of it. They were hatched October 26th, 2015 and come from Meyer Hatchery, vaccinated, all girls.

    They all act perfectly healthy. Although one has a teeny tiny bit of frost bite on comb and one has or had a bit of dry/bloody skin near nose I guess both from the cold but I've taken care of both of those and they didn't seem bothered. If this was really serious they would show it, right?

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