Weird Skin on 5 Week Chick Neck


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May 3, 2020
This is my 5 week old Easter Egger “Shiny” ( names by my 5 year old lol) She is so cuddly, loves to sit on my lap and I was petting her and noticed this weird lumpy area on the back of her neck/head, I thought it was just her head feathers coming in but it looks scaley/scabby and maybe like the other girls or herself has been pecking at it?? The skin is lumpy/thick/rough/bulky compared to her other skin. Any ideas?


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It looks like the other girls have been pecking at the feathers and pulling them out... poor thing.
Pin feathers have a lot of blood in them, and chickens love blood. Maybe they found out and have kept picking at her pin feathers because the blood tastes good.
How is she acting otherwise? My young ones have gone through different levels of juvenile molts and have had some weird skin where the new feathers come in. But it does look like she could be being picked on.....
She’s acting normal otherwise! I wouldnt have even noticed if I wasn't petting her. They are in a crate in my living room so I watch them a lot and I’ve never noticed them pecking her but it could be when I’m not around for sure. Is there anyway to deter them from pecking her?

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