Weird spot on duckling foot


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Mar 25, 2018
Hello I’m new here. I have 4 Ducklings right now and noticed this spot on both of one of my kahki Campbell Ducklings feet. It’s on the same spot on both feet. Duckling doesn’t limp or act like it is bothersome. Any idea what this is?


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I’m guessing they are almost a month old. They are kept in a plastic pool with a thick layer of medium wood shavings as bedding.
I can only guess maybe the shavings?

I'd start putting some antibiotic ointment on [without pain] and see how the feet look in 2-3 days Only other thing I can think is taking out the shavings and keeping them on towels while your treating. You can also soak in Warm Epsom salt water then do the ointment just don't let the duckling drink the ES solution it is also a laxative.

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