Weird stuff going on with my Buff Orps

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    Jul 16, 2007
    In the past two weeks, I've noticed some strange things on with my hens. Some background: we have six in a large run & coop and they free range every day. We don't have a rooster. They are 15 months old and have been laying 5 eggs/day for about 8 months.

    Last week, we found a soft-shell egg in the coop and then a couple days later, we noticed maggot-type bugs in the poo when we were cleaning. Then they cut back egg production to 2 per day. Very recently, I've noticed an unusual amount of feathers all over the run and in the coop and yesterday, I discovered that one of the hens is missing all of the feathers and fluff around her bottom. It can't be seen unless you pick her up and tip her butt in the air because the tail feathers are covering it. I didn't see any blood or discoloration though.

    I've been looking on the forums for help today, but there are so many different issues and possibilities, I'm overwhelmed. How can I figure out what is going on with them? Thanks so much in advance for help.


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    it would be a good idea to confine them for a few hours a day, especially in the morning and before roost so they will eat more layer feed....
    sounds like they need, some extra protein (such as cooked eggs), some poultry vitamins..
    crushed oyster shell..
    you can make a mixture of plain yogurt, a little water cooked oatmeal, layer feed, and crushed cooked egg ..might help with the soft shell problem.

    in hot weather they need more calcium for the shells...and protein for the feathers and overall egg production.

    also, they most likely need wormed..
    Wazine 17 will treat adult round worms, but should be repeated in 10-14 days..

    for a broader wormer, Ivermec/Eprinex..
    link to info:

    treat the chickens for mites/ can use Sevin garden/livestock dust,
    or a poultry dust, such as Ectiban-D by durvet (permathrin)..

    the Ivermec/Eprinex will worm AND de-bug them..

    hope this helps.
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    Jul 16, 2007
    I'll try all of that; it's nice to have it all on one page to print out and check off. Thank you so much!

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