weird symptoms anyone know?

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    We have a 6 y.o. peach Ameraucauna hen named Lucy. She has always been very healthy. A few weeks ago she
    developed malaise, and bloody diarhea and a poor appetite. We quarantined her and treated her with Sulfamethoxine,
    assuming she might have cocci or something like it. She improved immediately, diarhea dried up, her appetite was good, clear eyes and cheerful so we let her out after five days on the sulfa. No one else in the flock is sick, although there have been a couple of cases of milddiarhea, nothing major. So a week or so after Lucy went out, I noticed her standing around and looking
    a little sad. Then I noticed her roosting lower than normal. Today at breakfast I found her standing, sound asleep, on the floor,
    while everyone else was eating. I picked her up, she woke up and freaked out, so I set her down to see if she would eat.
    She did eat, but not much, was very grumpy, and eventually went to a nest box and has been sitting on it since then.
    Not laying, just perched on the edge. I don't really think she lays anymore, period. I noticed that she seems a bit
    underweight now, and she also has a strange yeast. I also noticed this when she was sick, but now it is
    stronger Could she have a yeast infection, possibly from the sulfa? I did not give her any probiotics or yogurt after
    she was done with the sulfa.

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