Weird time in my flock's egg-laying

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    First, I've had a broody one for about a week. I tried the icepack in the nest box, but hours later, all I found was a sweaty hen, and a near-empty, wet zip-bag. Guess I should've checked more often that day. So then I lugged out the ol' dog crate ([​IMG]someday, Dad's gonna ask for that back), put it on top of a Rubbermaid bin for some airflow [no electric=no fan back there], with an old window screen in lieu of a wire floor under the cage. I'm not so good with consistency, and when I let all the girls "out to play" a few days ago, I put her out into the yard as well. She didn't run right back into the nestbox, so I thought/hoped she'd been broken. Yeah, right! I guess it'll be a few more days in the crate now.

    2. Yesterday, I got what I think was my first "fart egg" --very small (DB thought maybe it was a bird's egg, not a chicken's), like a grape, or an acorn. My son's friend was really interested, so I told them I'd only open it when they were both there to see it (as long as he didn't skip class again to come over). But all yesterday's eggs were very muddy, so I caved to the other half's wishes and soaked/rinsed them all off. In the process, the little egg broke in half. I quickly got it into a clear bowl, and snapped a picture to text to him:
    [​IMG] I decided to leave the takeout fork on the counter under the bowl, to show how tiny the egg is. That yolk really looks like a seed, doesn't it?

    The third weird thing was tonight. After I made sure all the girls were in the coop, wrestled the crate in there and all, I saw an egg in the straw under a roost, in the fading light of almost 6pm. Only, when I reached to pick it up, I found it was soft . [​IMG] Yup, a shell-less egg. Actually, maybe two. I picked it/them up with some straw, put the mess in something to bring inside. Sorry, no images of that. (I really should get a camera-phone of my own again; my son's and boyfriend's aren't always available) There was some clear "stuff" which I figure was egg-white-- much like yesterdays egg, but no sign of yolk. Then there was a fair amount of membrane-y material, separate from the other: why I think it could've been two soft eggs.
    Just a little too much "interesting" around here for me these days.[​IMG]

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