Weird time to lay an egg??


Apr 28, 2020
Do anyone’s ducks lay at weird times when it’s cold? Usually my ducks lay their eggs very early in the morning, and occasionally I find them around the yard after I let them out to free range late morning-midday. Today I found one laid randomly by one of my runners sometime between 3pm-4:30pm. Is this normal? My other two females that lay, didn’t today. was 10F (-12C) last night with a high of 36F (2C) here in N.Eastern AZ. Thanks BYC ❤️
I never paid much attention to when mine laid...but they seemed to vary. You know what they say....When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. :confused:
Love it! I just never have had such a late egg!

I also had been letting them have some dim solar lights (string lights) in their coop, which I JUST learned is a maybe now with no light they will stop laying for awhile. I’m 100% okay with that!
They can lay eggs are weird times. Mine mostly lay in the early morning, but I've seen some lay in the evening. It was 10F yesterday, and actually found a duck who was trying to hatch twenty eggs.
Thanks Isaac 0! It sounds like you guys are super cold in Iowa too. We have been absolutely freezing here in AZ for the last few days. I have just been trying to keep the poor ducks off of the completely iced over ground, but of course they’d rather run around on ice :idunno
That mama duck sounds like she was pretty determined!

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