Welcome all "newbies".


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With so many new members, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. But I wanted to personally say "Welcome to BYC". You'll love it here. Lots of helpful and friendly people.

If you're new to this site, you're probably also new to raising baby chicks and have lots of questions. Feel free to ask away. We wouldn't want to intimidate or scare you away or keep you from posting in any way. We have all been new and asked simple/silly questions that were very IMPORTANT to us at the time so we understand what you're going through. It can be scary taking these tiny little lives in your hands and knowing they depend on you. Oh no, have I gone and scared you further? Sorry - it can be scary and fun at same time.

While there are many experienced chicken lovers on this site it will help us to answer your questions quicker and more accurately if you would post as much information as you have about the issue at hand. There is also a SEARCH button that can be used to help locate information needed in a rush or when you haven't received a prompt answer. But we know you're not here to research raising chicks - you're here to TALK about raising chicks - and SO ARE WE. We LOVE to talk about chicks - so please, talk away, post away, post pictures, ask questions, join a chat - have fun. Sometimes you'll need advice and you'll get a dozen different answers and you'll just have to toss a coin and choose what's right for you. Sometimes you'll need compassion and sympathy because of a sick or dying chick. Sometimes you might just want to vent about life in general or share stories about your family and other pets. There's a link for every topic.

Again, WELCOME - take off your shoes and stay awhile. We love having you here.

Monique "Ruth"
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I am one of those newbies. You all have been so wonderful! Such a vast wealth of knowledge here. I could read all day long!
Thanks for they wlecome!

I just placed my order with My Pet Chicken. I ordered

5 Rhode Islad Reds
4 White Rock
4 Buff Orpingtons
2 Marans

I asked them not to ship until 3/28 hope they see it. : )
Thanks for the welcome. I love this site. and it is very helpful to a new chicken owner. I also could sit here all day, but somebody has to feed and check on the chickens
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How thoughtful of you!

I'm not a total newbie to raising chicks. I've raised a few feedstore babies. I haven't had chickens in a few years though so when I started thinking of getting chickens again, it sure was nice to find this site.

I am now the proud mom of 3 EEs, 3 Australorps, 3 SL Wyandottes, 3 GL Wyandottes, and 2 GL polish. All but the polish should be pullets. The polish are straight run. I would really like one or both the be roosters. I think the coolest bird I have seen on here was a GL polish roo.

Oh, and I have an order in for the dark brown egg layers! Talk about getting a the bug!
I'm not a newbie at chicks, but I am in the incubating forum as a newb. This is one of the only forums I have ever been on where everyone is sooooo nice. People just answer your silly questions instead of telling you how silly they are. Thanks for welcoming us, and Yay BYC!!

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