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Dec 29, 2015
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I think it depends more on the kid.

The kids were sad, there were tiny tears, but no bawling.

Yes, I really miss her.

I am not sure about the dog. I just don't know what is going on with him.

It is odd... we picked this dog, a nice reasonable size of 40 to 50 pounds thinking that would mean he would have a good long life.

For the life of me I can't remember when he was born... right before or after kid 5. Kid 5 is 13. I know we got him after kid 4, kid 4 is 15.

So, he could be as young as 12... which I think is most likely.

12 should be healthy middle age .... he is acting old dog like.

He has always been terrified of gun shots, which is just fine. If anyone is shooting he runs home. All good in my book.

But now he randomly gets anxious, super shaky, and tries to climb onto my lap. I NEVER hold the dog. He sits at my feet. Good dog, at my feet is where he is supposed to stay.

So why is he suddenly having terrors?

All I can guess is his hearing is going? His ears are not smelly or tender... so I don't think it is a parasite thing... must be an age thing.

Just odd, I have no idea what triggers the episodes.

Makes me worry.

I HATE the dying dog stage. Just hate it.
My old Labrador makes me feel that .., Then he is about the same age. I watch him play with the little dog.. Know he has a few years more :confused:


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So sorry for all of you that are having bomb cyclones and the like on your ends of the pond!!!
Mother Nature is being really bazaar this year. We had 50o today! Last year on this day we had a high of 30 and snow on the ground. We had already had more than 10 inches by now.
I have the coop all cleaned out, the garlic patch tilled, planted and mulched (with all that broken down and fertilized hay from the coop of course) and a few more days warm enough to do a little extra paint touchups before we finally get our first good snow possibly on Monday.


Yippity do Da Yippity ay
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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
I did have this to offer
It can be a bit startling when your old dog starts shaking. Especially if he’s a larger breed or has no history of tremors, you might find yourself looking up this question: “Why is my old dog shaking?”

Just like with any health condition, there’s more than one cause for a symptom. Your old dog’s shaking may or may not have anything to do with his age, though it’s not uncommon for older dogs to develop issues that result in tremors. Whatever the cause, you can help your senior pup stay happy and healthy with your keen eye and lots of TLC. If you’re concerned

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Good morning! We are finally going to have some dry days (never thought I'd write that after the serious lack of rain we have had for a looonnngg time). Lost a bird yesterday to two GIGANTIC hawks. I heard commotion in the yard after I got home from school and went out too late. They got one of my partridge rocks - couldn't carry it away - so they were going after it in the yard. I thought at first, by their size, that they were vultures. They flew up to the top of one of the neighbors pine trees and they still looked huge. SO, the majority of my flock will have to stay inside coops for a while. The older girls will be outside, because they don't have a coop, so hopefully they'll stay alert. They have lots of hiding places on their side of the yard.

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